No matter the shackles of colonisation, I’ll set my goals & achieve them all: Amna Ilyas

10:45 AM | 1 Oct, 2020

Dark is divine! God made us all beautiful, no matter what our skin tones. So, who are we to judge?

Amna Ilyas isn't ashamed of owning her skin colour and her latest Instagram post is proof that the model remains unfazed by false notions of beauty.

Posting a stunning picture of herself, the actor wrote, "My dark skin won’t be the reason I fall. No matter the shackles of colonisation or the micro-aggressions, I’ll set my goals and achieve them all."

Amna has addressed the issue of colorism on multiple occasions. In an interview with BBC Urdu, the starlet revealed how she faced ostracism in the early days of her career.

She also talked about how her struggles started way before her career. It was during her teenage days when she heard friends and family commenting on her complexion and suggesting her ways to brighten her skin colour.

"Colorism," the idea that light-skinned people are considered more “beautiful” than their dusky peers, is a centuries-old concept that the world refuses to let go. This issue is evidently prevalent all over across the globe but ironically, more so in Pakistan. 

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