Just last week, creative maestro Abdullah Haris directed, styled and shot a breathtaking concept of pure passionate love for the promotion of an upcoming Pakistani film called Punjab Nahi Jaongi. The eye catching on-screen couple, Mehwish Hayat and Humayun Saeed have encompassed the raunchy yet deep-rooted emotions of two people madly and dangerously in love. The images expose the obvious profound chemistry between the stars, touching the viewers’ souls to their cores.

Everything from the stunning traditional ensembles by Souchaj, the handpicked jewellery pieces by Samreen Vance, and the significance of the vibrant red rose petals present in the frames speaks volumes of the emotions presented in front of the camera.

There is no doubt that Mehwish Hayat does absolute justice to the clothes and that her expressions on camera are nothing short of perfection. In addition, her look put together by Depilex goes so well with the concept of the photo shoot. In fact with each particular shot- the loose plait, the Punjabi guth, the dull eyes, and finally, the perfect glowing look of a bride.

Meanwhile, as Humayun Saeed looks handsome in solid black and white outfits, his expressions are no less than that of Mehwish’s, which is why they complement each other so well.

Abdullah is known for his eye for documenting careful details and this shoot once again proves that fact. While he portrays sentiments, he does not compromise to uplift the brand, Souchaj’s, brilliant craftsmanship in the photos; he does not miss the outstanding details on the bridal outfits, nor the courageousness of the bold colored details.


The entire photo shoot perfectly captures the roller-coaster of a journey of love, in which there is immense happiness, heart break, anger, resentment, betrayal, possessiveness, longing, forgiveness yet also some form of freedom and liberation.  All these different emotions are represented by the various props chosen by Abdullah- pigeons, fire, flowers, and the lost letters.

Abdullah exceeds limits of his innovative mind with every single project he takes on and shows us that he is here to stay!