The green of virgin leaves, ocean blue waterfalls, and hues of violet in wild lilies. This is not just how one would describe a jungle, but also Elie Saab’s Spring Summer 2018 Collection. This year in Paris Fashion Week, the highlight of the parade was Amazon Crush with the Lebanese designer known for his eccentric colour palette and and extraordinaire designs.

Relive the ELIE SAAB Ready-to-Wear Spring Summer 2018 collection through glimpses of the show #AmazonCrush

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The spectacle is stunning. There is drama, creativity and art that we usually see in Elie Saab’s designs, combined with a touch of experimentation for this collection. The designer has put emphasis on the raw beauty of nature, and has paired it with the magnificent outré of the modern woman.

This ready-to-wear haute couture line has some very fashion forward wearables that you would want in your wardrobe expeditiously.

Here are some of our favourite looks from the Amazon Crush collection by Elie Saab.


A bright color palette of warm yellow takes over the runway #AmazonCrush

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The Amazon Bride. Bright, bold, and beautiful. This design palette is a classic of Elie Saab.


The Bodice of Glitz and Glamour. When she swings, the world stops.


A deep jungle green takes over the total look extending to playful oversized hats & sunglasses #AmazonCrush

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By the Poolside in Winter. Perfect to cool down your sunny day. Or heat up the winter frost.


Shades of white contrast the collection's vibrant jungle colors #AmazonCrush

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The Snow Queen in Jungle. These contrasting whites in the Amazon Crush collection are the reminder of intricacy usually seen in Elie Saab’s all time classics.


Flowing to a jungle breeze #AmazonCrush

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The Amazon Aphrodite. Very fun, charming, and laid back. Perfect for a hot sunny afternoon.


Fluid-like material mimic a breathing forest in motion #AmazonCrush

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The Abstract Muse in the midst of Amazon blues.


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