Of all the latest shocking and surprising celebrity breakup gossips, Arbaaz Khan’s split with Malaika Arora last year is under our radar right now, and this is why! Arbaaz Khan who announced his separation after 18 years of marriage has finally broken the silence, and decided to give voice to his so-long association with ex-wife, Malaika.

“See you have a choice, either you look back at your life and sit back, or you look at it as a lesson and say, ‘Okay, I am going to move on from here’. Any loss that you suffer – be it money-wise, somebody’s demise in the family or a relationship, life goes on. Human beings are meant to survive,” he said in a recent interview.

Adding on to this, Arbaaz talks about the necessity of having a cordial and great relationship even after a split or divorce. Malaika and Arbaaz share an understanding that has stood the test of time for over 21 years. “I have a growing child, so there’s a lot of parenting responsibilities and duties we have to do, and it can only happen if the atmosphere between the two of us is very conducive and normal. We both are extremely mature and can handle this,” Arbaaz says.

Arbaaz’s Dabangg 3 will be hitting the floors soon, and we wish him all the best and hope to see the all-positive star reveling in his new phase of life as well as future success.