Me, Me and only Me. From attention seekers to social media boomers, from cosmetic surgeries to admiration obsession, celebrities are making waves all over the world. Celebrities have surrounded themselves in impenetrable walls which one can hardly approach. 


There is no way to weigh what celebrities think about others within media or outside. Becoming a star, does mean that you are going to be in a limelight even of you bake your own ‘CAKE’, oh, this is so weird… Losing your inner self for the sake of ‘SASTI’ popularity doesn’t turn you into a star.

However,  celebs have their own tantrums and find different ways to go viral on media.


From different interviews with the celebrities, we found that narcissism is a style or behavior that every celebrity enjoy. Whether you are an Actor, director, producer or singer, you’d love people to see you and love you and throw lovable remarks.

When asked about a narcissist’s behavior, Ben Affleck replied,

“Narcissism is a part of my style”

This would not be false to say that WE, or general public double highlight their lifestyle. There is a world of “CRAZY FANS’ too who boosts their tantrums to the next level and worship them. We believe celebs are unique due to their individual talent they possess not to mainstream their role just for the sake of some money, actually ‘A LOT OF MONEY’.


Besides only this self obsessed fever, celebrities are more insecure than before. Why so?  we believe that growing popularity means, growth of career which means that one is always busy. Sometimes it takes late hours  or even weeks to get back home. It is normal for this routine to get on someone’s nerves especially when when you have commitments back home. Insecurities begin to kick in. ‘Be careful, EYES ON YOU’.


The blockbuster ‘Drake Rihanna’ story which ruled over social media is a perfect example of this sort of ‘INSECURITY’. Rihanna, (an intimate friend to Drake)  unfollowed Jennifer Lopez on her insta after she found Drake and J.Lo in an inappropriate selfie on social media.


Likewise, Brangelina, didn’t file divorce for one reason. The celebrity couple have been together for more than 12 years at the end of the day, felt the trust was gone.


Wrapping it all, celebs have built their own charismatic world in which they build several relations and break them off. Some have compromised on relations for the sake of their career, some for their popularity, and some for other reasons.

Summarising all, they all have their own attitude levels and self-obsession is a focal point in their personality. This is what we see, feel and forget!