LAHORE – Asad Khattak has expressed his strong desire for reconciliation with Veena Malik to save their marriage.

“I still love you and our children a lot,” Asad told Geo News.

“Veena, I am really sorry if I have hurt you or I bothered you in any way,” he remarked.

When asked about his relationship with Veena, Khattak was all praises for her. “Veena is a good wife, a good mother and a good friend,” adding that “I speak to her daily and we are good friends.”

“There are fights and misunderstandings between all couples,” he said. “We will work out and try to clear our misunderstandings. We will soon be together again.”

Asad said that he hopes the elders in their family help sort out their differences.

Veena’s counsel said that her husband was against her joining the showbiz. However, Khattak rejected these claims that remarked he has no problem with that.

Veena filed for Khula (when the wife uses her right to demand separation) after a rift with Khattak and his family over her return to showbiz, revealed sources privy to matter.

Veena Malik’s counsel, Ali Ahmed, has confirmed the separation between Veena and Asad.

Actress Veena had tied the knot with UK-based businessman, Asad Bashir Khattak, who originally hails from Bannu in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in December 2013. They both maintained good relations for three long years and have two children together before finally parting ways.

Veena has chosen to keep mum about the split but her husband Asad expressed that he loved Veena and hoped that the situation would get better.

The couple was blessed with two children Abram and Amal and the whole process regarding khula was kept under wraps until recently.