Saba Qamar witnessed a clean sweep with her play ‘Baaghi’. Baaghi was nominated for three categories and won them all.

It not only won the Best Play, Saba won the Best Actress TV Award and Shuja Haider also bagged the Best OST Award.

She not only accepted the award graciously but also thanked her fans lovingly:

There is no feeling greater than the feeling of getting appreciation for hard work – that too, for such a difficult role. Saba Qamar and the team of Baaghi faced a lot of criticism before, during and after the TV play went on air. A lot of people praised it, but there were still many who degraded it and the idea behind it.

Her fans are also really happy for the well-deserved win:

Even fans of other well-deserving actresses couldn’t help but notice Saba’s powerful charisma in Baaghi: