National Award winning director Onir has recently shared his utmost desire to work with Pakistani singing sensation Atif Aslam for Shab. However, his long-lived wishes haven’t yet been able to bear fruit due to cross-border tensions. Though it seems like he might have missed a chance to work with Atif Aslam, he says he will definitely work with him in the future.

The director just took to the front stage claiming that it will be a “loss for both industries” if the gap between the two nations is not bridged anytime soon with the sheer exchange of talent.

I really wanted to work with Atif Aslam. It would have been so amazing, just like a retreating therapy. But unfortunately, at the point when we had to record, things were not great between the neighboring countries… There were a lot of problems happening with films and ours being a small film I couldn’t afford that kind of thing.”

Onir further adds that the situation is complex. “I understood the sensitivity. I have a lot of friends in Pakistan and I have been to the country. I think it is a loss for both our industry if we don’t exchange talent but the entire situation is complex. Both me and Atif discussed about it. We will work together in future if we didn’t do this.”