Mariah Carey has reportedly been dumped by her billionaire fiance James Packer, who was ‘SICK’ of putting up with her extravagant spending and newfound love for reality television.

The Australian casino mogul officially called it quits after being engaged to the singer for less than a year.

An insider stated that James had ‘huge reservations about Mariah’s new reality TV show and the fact that she was willing to expose their lives to the world.’

It was also added that James had been very generous and Mariah had taken advantage of that regarding her shopping sprees.

Packer reportedly let Mariah keep the $10 million diamond ring that he gave her at the time of their engagement.

Things took a turn for the worse following a feud over a birthday party that Carey didn’t attend, sources stated.

Packer was so adamant about leaving Carey — who is set to star in “Mariah’s World” on the E! channel — that he reportedly let her keep the $10 million diamond engagement ring he gave her when he proposed in January. The two had been together since June of 2015.

Things apparently took a turn for the worse in recent months following a spat over a birthday party that Carey didn’t attend.