A study by an international cancer research organization IARC has found that people who consume extremely hot beverages are more likely to develop various forms of cancer.

It’s not the beverage in itself but the temperature of the beverage at time of consumption that makes it harmful. Tea, which is usually served piping hot, thus emerges as one of the major causes of cancer.

two cups of hot tea

During the study, scientists found that not only tea but any beverage that is hotter than 65 degrees is likely to cause cancer, more specifically esophageal cancer.

It was earlier believed that too much consumption of coffee develops cancer in but the idea was negated by this study, which found that coffee was not the sole cause of oesophageal cancer.


People in China, Iran, Turkey, Africa and Central Asia prefer to drink tea when it is scalding hot, above 70 degrees, which explains the high rate of esophageal cancer in these countries.