Shah Rukh Khan, beloved husband of Gauri Khan has been living a happy affair with the leading beauty ever since the day he made his way into the film industry. Having have fathered three children with his lovely wife, it comes as a shock to us whenever we are shed light upon his apparent link-ups and affairs with his fellow co-actors.

Just recently, we came to find out that SRK and Priyanka Chopra were keeping things between them under wraps!

The Desi Girl, Priyanka Chopra, who is busy promoting her Hollywood debut ‘Baywatch: The Movie’ appeared on a show Dirty Laundry just a little while back, where she spoke about one item of clothing that has stayed with her through the years. Taking out a brown leather jacket, she said that it was her favorite piece of clothing and she wears it to the airport all the time as its really comfortable. She further added that it belonged to her ex-boyfriend and when the host happened to ask her how it’s still with her, she was quoted as saying, “Things get exchanged. But this one I really really loved because it kind of became mine. It stopped being his like after it stayed back in my house once and I just kind of wore it.

Soon after the episode ended, people started comparing the famous brown leather jacket to Shah Rukh Khan’s jacket that the actor has been pictured wearing a multiple number of times.

A Twitter user shared the post on her timeline and it was reported that Priyanka clicked ‘like’ on the broadcast and then soon ‘un-liked’ it.

Have a look at the episode you missed out on here:

Did the jacket actually belong to SRK? What do you have to say!