KARACHI: Mad Decent Block Party is finally set to make its debut here in Pakistan next month!

The concert, which consists of an incredible line-up of local as well international musicians, will be held on February 3rd in Islamabad. Diplo will be performing as part of his trio Major Lazer.

Joining him will be Chrome Sparks, Valentino Khan, ZoH, as well as Pakistani counterparts Adil Omar and Talal Qureshi (SNKM), Lyari Underground, Shamoon Ismail, Haider Mustehsan, Mikki Murshed and Osama Com Laude.

And the best part? All of this will be for a good cause.

Major Lazer announced on Twitter that a part of the proceeds will go to Sahil, a non-profit organisation that works for children’s rights. Read this:

The trio’s tweet states the contribution will go in the name of Zainab Ansari, the eight-year-old whose tragic rape and murder case made news globally.

Sahil is a non-profit organisation that has been working against child sexual abuse.

Catalyst CEO Frieha Altaf has been appointed as a goodwill ambassador for Sahil.

She earlier made headlines after (along with Nadia Jamil and Maheen Khan) speaking up about her history of sexual abuse on Twitter.

She had been researching about relevant NGOs since the last few months and got in touch with Sahil. Zainab’s case further fired her up to do whatever is in her control.

“Look, I am a small fry. I am behind the scenes creating celebrities, but I’m not a celebrity myself. So, we have established Catwalk Cares – a CSR division of Catalyst, to work towards several social issues in the country,” Frieha Altaf said. “We have now joined hands with Sahil in the light of Zainab’s case. This is what I can do. All I have is my PR, and I can use it to help bring artists onboard and facilitate the process.”

Frieha contacted Diplo and they decided to donate a part of the proceedings to Sahil in the light of Zainab’s case.

She motivated the masses to speak against such heinous crimes and create awareness:
“I just want to say that three women speaking up are not enough. We need more people talking about it and taking action,” she said. “Shahzad Roy has been continuously making efforts for education for seven years. Ahsan Khan is doing his part through plays. Shoaib Mansoor has been a spokesperson for such causes. In the West, most celebrities are associated with a certain charity and they take part in various activities, such as game shows, to raise money for them and support different causes. We need a similar culture here to address these issues seriously.”