A new ‘Globalo’ film on Aleppo in Syria has been released recently, and shown in the United Nations in New York and documented on CNN, according to sources. 

Watani-My Homeland is directed by Globalo Co-founder Marcel Mettelsiefen and co-produced by Globalo news publishing and Globalo founder Dr. Hubertus Hoffman.

“Watani – My Homeland” is directed by GLOBALO Co-Founder Marcel Mettelsiefen and co-produced by GLOBALO News Publishing and GLOBALO founder Dr Hubertus Hoffmann.

The film tells the story of the war alongside the story of one Syrian family with four children.  It further shows the rare, emotional side of the conflict and its effect on the family’s fate. The director met the family and began filming their journey in 2013 as Aleppo was falling apart. He then followed them for three years until they eventually found refuge in Germany.

Here’s the official trailer of the documentary: