Contributed By: Nayab Khan

It took almost 3 years to establish this huge masterpiece on the coast of Colorado’s bay on the edge of Canary Lanzarote’s Island. This mega project captured the hearts of thousands by its underwater sea sculptures sculpted by the British artist ‘Jason deCaires Taylor’.


Hundreds of human sculptures stands still as a school of fish while sea life endlessly dances all the time which look heart whelming moment for the visitors. Moreover, the sunder sea life swirl around the elements which its own art of attraction. These are created from high density pH material without comprising of any metal and other materials. Hence, these will not affect the life of underwater creatures nor the botanical fauna.


Let’s join us in the visit of ‘Museo Atlantico’, a sunken world comprised of over 300 underwater sculptures divided in 10 different major parts. Jason de Caires Taylor is the first British artist who crafted these magnificent statues for this museum. He also played his in the Museo Subacuatico de Arte under the Caribbean Sea in Cancun, Mexico, and the protected Underwater Sculpture Park in Molinière Bay, Grenada.


In addition to this, 16 foot ocean sunken atlas which is the most gigantic underwater structure to be seen, for sure, this would be a fascinating things to look. This art is established to converse the natural habitat for fishes of this Island. Since its establishment, a prominent rise in marine creatures has been seen which mainly include barracuda, angel shark, sardines and many other species.


Over the time, these static elements will leave its color and covered from botanical growth which ultimately become a new habitat for the species as their artificial reef, explained by the crafter.