LAHORE – Mobile companies have stayed by us through thick and thin. Through boring nights they have provided us packages that make our nights pass by chatting away. Through boring weddings, they have provided us with data packages that make us rule the internet for hours. Would you believe if someone claims you are being scammed by your beloved mobile company?

Hija Kamran from Karachi claims that Telenor is ardently scamming its users.

Hija says everytime she receives a particular message, she gets charged with 0.75 PKR for no reason. She checks her credit that has been cut automatically.

She has an app that does not charge fee for checking balance. Therefore, there is no explanation as to where the amount goes and why?

Hija claims to not be using mobile data at all, therefore, she is not content with the fact that she is getting messages implying her network’s data to be active.

Hija later informed in an update that she received a call from the Telenor’s tech team which explained that data activity on her number is the cause of the messages. Hijah still denied the usage of mobile data.

Telenor was adamant that they are ensuring “transparency”.

Telenor further insisted on helping Hija find a solution but did not admit to any fault at their part.

When DailyPakistan contacted the cellular giant for the clarification. The company proposed a solution for their valued customers.


“In order to provide services transparently by keeping its valued customers informed about their usage. In the absence of a data, bundle users are charged PKR 0.75/64kbps and an SMS is sent to keep the users informed about this deduction.

In order to ensure there is no disruption in internet connectivity, some handset manufacturers provide the feature of automatic switching to mobile data in case WiFi connectivity is weak or unavailable.

For the benefit of customers who intend to avoid automatic switching to data from WiFi, there’s a simple setup to disable the auto Network Switch Setting on Andriod smartphones.

From a Home screen navigate: Apps   > Settings.

  • From the Wireless and networks section, tap Wi-Fi.
  • Tap More.
  • Tap Advanced.
  • Tap Smart network switch to turn off
  • If presented with the “Mobile data may be used to maintain a stable Internet connection. This may result in additional charges depending on your payment plan” prompt, tap OK to continue


  • From a home Screen Navigate Apps and Select Settings
  • From the Connections Tab Select Wifi
  • Select Advanced
  • Turn off ‘Switch to mobile Data Option’”
 So there you have it, while you are indeed charged the Rs. 0.75/- for your data usage which in turn generates a text message alerting you on your cellphone, this happens only in the absence of a data bundle,” according to Telenor.