Arshad Khan has claimed that someone had spread false rumours against him, and that he hasn’t planned on quitting the entertainment industry, at least not anytime soon, according to sources.


Khan released a statement and said that he will continue his career in showbiz, and the news that is circulating on the Internet is false.


Really, is it?

According to the telephonic conversation recording which was made available for everyone, it seems that Arshad Khan had apologized to his ‘fans’ and also stated that his family is not in favour of doing ‘such’ work. He later added that he would not work in such projects again.


However, his latest statement says otherwise.

In conversation with Dawn, Arshad Khan revealed that he had fallen sick for a few days, which is why he wasn’t being seen or heard from anywhere.


Arshad Khan will continue working on his debut film ‘Kabeer’, but he isn’t allowed to speak on the matter for now, sources added.

Khan further added that he plans to work towards social causes in Pakistan, stating that he wanted to become someone and then do good for others, also make his country proud by all this.

Awe, that’s a sweet goal if he actually wants to achieve it. Good luck, Khan!