Kangana Ranaut, popular Bollywood actress, has been in the news for her alleged affair with Hrithik Roshan, which she has now confirmed on ‘Aap Ki Adalat’, stating that all the details of her affair with Hrithik Roshan are true, except the ‘fake documents’ he forged in order to make her seem like a person with ‘mental issues’. 

The Kangana-Hrithik row began in 2016 January, when Kangana stated that a ‘silly ex’ had tried to kick her out of a film. There have been accusations from both parties ever since, and the matter finally reached ‘Ap Ki Adalat’, where she disclosed all the details!

The ‘QUEEN’ actress shared her most personal details about the time she dated him, how she underwent all the pain and ‘died twice’, and how she still stood firm in the film industry despite all the loss she suffered due to the controversy.

Kangana made the following points:

Hrithik never accepted his relationship with Kangana, despite wanting to be with her

Hrithik had made it clear to Kangana that he would never accept his relationship with her, because he had a wife and his family would not accept the ‘love affair’.

After his wife left him, Hrithik thought about going public about his relationship

Hrithik talked about going public about his affair with Kangana, after his now ex-wife Suzanne broke up with him. Kangana stated that he was confused and indecisive before, but after the divorce he seemed to have it altogether, but only for a short while.

Hrithik had broken up with her in 2014, but he came back after the success of ‘QUEEN’

Hrithik came back to Kangana after his marriage ended with Suzanne Khan and the success of ‘QUEEN’, in which Kangana Ranaut was the actress. Kangana stated that he asked for forgiveness, and said that he felt ‘proud’ when people praised Kangana.

The Roshans and media intimidated her, telling her to back off from the case

In a powerful and shocking revelation, Kangana stated that a lot of people from the media threatened her to stop her rant against Hrithik Roshan, and to forget about getting any kind of justice. She stated that there was a time when she actually thought she would not be receiving any help from anyone, as powerful media personalities were telling her to stop defaming the Roshans, including the Roshans themselves.

She does not fear Hrithik any more, like she used to when they dated

Kangana stated that she used to be scared of Hrithik when they were in a relationship, but didn’t fear him any more. The actor stated that this whole experience for her was a ‘NEAR DEATH’ experience, because she had really loved Hrithik. She explains that moment to be the most challenging phase of her life, when something so intimate and close to her was made fun of so publicly, and everywhere in news.