Pakistani actor and leading lady Mahira Khan, who marked her debut into Bollywood with Indian King Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, in Raees this year, has claimed: “We, in India and Pakistan mourn and celebrate the same way. Our language is similar, we connect on a huge scale. Even though you feel that they the Indians around are strangers but they never make you feel aloof. Every time I’d request for something that made me uneasy, I was always heard and respected.

In her Special Lecture Series at Aga Khan University, Mahira shared her life experiences and shed light on the ability to cope up with failure and find ample strength in what you believe in order to come back stronger from your setbacks and move on. Moreover, she candidly discussed how the Pakistani actors’ ban in India affected her but she still stood strong throughout the process.

Faith is a beautiful and important thing. And you know this more when you have lost faith. When you are trapped in a dark place in life, faith helps you know that it will be okay.” the star commented in her speech.

According to Mahira, her family and friends at home have always had her back and that has time and again helped her come out a stronger person through the toughest of measures.