Mahira Khan supports #MeToo Campaign

  • Mahira Khan sees #MeToo campaign as a human empowerment movement.

“Someone asked whether what we see in our society needs to be depicted in our films. I think it’s necessary and that’s how we reach the masses. If they watch something like Bol, Khuda Ke Liye or Verna, or even Udaari, they might reflect on the situation and think ‘I’m going to be stronger than this,” said Mahira as she spoke in support of #MeToo campaign.

#MeToo started as a campaign on social media as a medium of condemning sexual harassment and assault. Several international celebrities have come forward in favour of the cause. After Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s case gained steam and he was publicly called out by many women sexual harassment spreading over 3 decades, actress Alyssa Milano urged people to post #MeToo in order to show the magnitude of the problem all around the world.

Mahira further commented on the movement saying that it is for human empowerment rather than just women empowerment, “Because a lot of women started speaking up about being harassed and men have done it to them, it looks like the movement is against men in general. But that’s not it. If we make it a one-sided argument, what we all are fighting for will become weak. men are coming out and speaking out too now. And that’s very important. Sometimes, what we forget is that women haven’t had it easy but we need to do it together. We need to fight together.”

Mahira believes that the campaign requires institutional support to make it material on the ground and not just a social media outcry. so that the victim speaking up gets the required support.


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