ISLAMABAD (Web Desk) – We try to look our best and that’s something everyone should strive for. Whether that means living a healthy lifestyle, making an effort to look extra presentable every day or just bringing the best out of ourselves in any way we can. Sometimes without the right advice we go the wrong way.

For instance, let’s say a young-sporty girl spends hours playing throw ball after school and comes home with all of the city’s pollution, dust and of course sun. She stays clean and does her best to not let her skin get too tanned and dull. Now when everyone pressurizers her to make an extra effort on her skin she sometimes goes for those formula creams that promise overnight results.


This is where she should be extra careful. Often most formula creams that promise overnight whiteness for flawless skin usually have harmful chemicals like mercury and other steroids. These creams escape the clutches of strict safety regulations and can be harmful to her and her family.

Therefore, she should always choose a reliable brand that has been around for many years, is PSQCA certified and is also authenticated by international safety standards.


Don’t make the same mistake she and countless women have made. Always read the ingredients carefully on the label of the creams you use. Make sure it can be easily understood. There are many ways to identify an unsafe cream and save your life.

One way is to look at the cream after exposing it to light, if it turns dark gray/green it’s not safe for you at all. If the directions indicate to avoid contact with silver, golf, rubber, aluminum and jewelry it indicates a presence of mercury.


One of the easiest ways to check if a cream is unsafe or has presence of mercury is if the packaging mentions little or no ingredients. This is extremely misleading because a cream takes a lot of work and ingredients to come to its final form. Therefore, we urge caution.

Creams that offer results in a reasonable amount of time and don’t hide its manufacturing can be trusted. Formula creams with overnight results spell trouble. If you’ve started using them we recommend you discontinue. Instead opt for a safe and assured way of fairness and beauty through a cream that is recognized the world over.