Featuring a normal Pakistani couple going through everyday life,  ‘Mere Chotay Miyan’ aims to break stereotypes found in our lives that we are reluctant to question.

There are dramas being made on the topics which create awareness in our everyday life, i.e. Udaari created a social awareness against child abuse.

‘Khuda Mera Bhi Hai’ talks about intersex children, the first drama of its kind in Pakistan.

Finally, we are getting over the daily dose of ‘saas bahu problems’.


“The story is all about the couples in a decent family having minor differences of related to height and age. It shows how the husband and wife are very positive to everything that is coming across their way and don’t care about the clear physical differences between them. However, the society intervenes and tries to spoil their relationship”.

A young and talented ‘Abdul Wahab Wahab Malik’ is making his drama-screen debut in ‘Mere Chotay Miyan’


‘Mere Chotay Miyan’ is produced by Q films, written by Q Kahani and written by Ahmer Sohail.

The teaser of the drama has the theme “Dil Bright Hai tou Sab Bright hai”.

The drama is about a couple who is not mainstream at all. The wife is tall, while the husband is short, and the drama is all about how the couple deals with the society for making the choice of being with someone different!

Good luck to the entire team.