KARACHI (Web Desk) – Pakistani drama actress cum model Ayeza Khan, who earned huge fame after her Payare Afzal with Hamza Ali Abbasi, has announced that she will not be playing depressed characters in her coming dramas.

In a recent interview the Payare Afzal heroine went on to say that she plans to play few strong characters in near future. “Now I will play girls who make boys cry instead of weeping themselves,” she added.

While talking about her martial life the actress said “I kept sticking to Taimur for seven years before our marriage but last year the event turned out to be really unplanned”. Things went in a way that pushed us to marry, Ayeza Khan said. She further added even our baby girl was born unplanned.

“Public was expecting that we are not going have a kid very soon after marriage but it turned out to be contrary to their speculations,” she said.

The drama actress also expressed excitement towards her nomination for Best Drama Actress category in upcoming Lux Style Awards. She urged fans to keep voting for her.