LAHORE – The rock band ‘Aaroh’ has made its return to screen after a nine year hiatus. With Farooq Ahmed, the original vocalist’s return to the crew, the band has just released it’s new music video ‘Mein Nahi Maanta’.

While making an appearance on ‘Pepsi Battle of the Bands’,the band decided to come back from its sleep and present yet another masterpiece. The response they received from their fans was overwhelming and the main catalyst for the return. Farooq Ahmed had put it as, While performing, we realised that working together is amazing and that the chemistry was still there so we thought of giving it a shot.”

The new single is an expression of heart very close to every Pakistani as it highlights the political and social issues being faced by our country. Shot in dark and brooding landscape of junkyard, the scenery fits perfectly with the lyrical enthusiasm.

Here is a look at the video. Feast your eyes!