LAHORE (Staff Report) – Nasreen Anjum Bhatti well known for composing poetry of resistance, especially during Zia’s dictatorial period was suffering from ovarian cancer.

She was being looked after by her sister, Parveen.

Renowned poet, radio broadcaster and political activist Nasreen Anjum Bhatti was born in Quetta and raised in an art-friendly environment.

She started her professional career in 1971 as a producer at Radio Pakistan, Lahore, right after doing her master degree.

Courtesy: Umangpoetry

Bhatti’s first collection of poetry called Neel Karaeeyan Neelkan in 1979 made a long-lasting impression on modern Punjabi poetry. It was followed by another collection, Athay Pehr Tarah, in 2010.

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Her works have been described as a bridge between folklore classic and modern Punjabi poetry. Nasreen Anjum Bhatti was awarded the Tamgha-i-Imtiaz in 2011.