MUMBAI (Web Desk) – Bollywood star Sunny Leone have denied any slapping incident and she lashed out on twitter.

As per a report from Mid-Day, Sunny Leone who attended the college event in Gujarat named ‘Play Holi With Sunny Leone’.

The actress, has sent out several tweets accusing the reports as ‘lies and ‘no decency to fact check’.

The enraged Sunny, asked the reporter to repeat the question, and the reporter went on as “How much do you charge for a night program?”, and this made Sunny Leone slap the reporter. However, Sunny Leone denied these claims, Filmi Beat reported.

Her husband Daniel Weber said, rubbished the entire story. “That story is complete and utter nonsense.

“We’ve called up mid-day about it, and they’ve told us they’re going to issue an apology for publishing a completely false story.”

Daniel, also denied another report from Mid-Day that a drunk man entered Sunny Leone’s hotel room.

“It’s impossible that such a thing could happen. Do you know how much security she travels with? Plus, at every event there are around 50 local bouncers with her all the time. There is no way anybody could get into her room.”