Lahore girls, are you rushing to check out every salon in the city? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. (Putting shades on)

We had a look around at the best (and worst) places brides could possibly get ready in. The finalized list of salons that we thought were FAR BETTER in terms of services, makeup & hair styling were only a few.

It wouldn’t be wrong to state that MAKEUP ARTISTS (MUAs) these days are over-charging and intentionally taking advantage of the fact that people will come to them for make-up because a wedding is the only festivity to look forward to (atleast in Lahore!). These makeup artists have started over-charging for their makeup, making it difficult for the average household to avail services like pedicures, manicures and massages at the same time.

However, we have a list of some fairly reasonable makeup artists and salons which the bride can easily avail services at, and feel great on her wedding day!

Uzma’s Salon:

Uzma’s have amazing services & they have a great bridal package. Their makeup skills are on point too! Hire a proper makeup artist for your big day from their list of artists.

304 Y Block, D.H.A, Commercial Market, Phase III, Lahore

Toni n Guy:

Nauman is the absolute first choice for party makeup, model makeup & for walima makeup. He excels in the sultry, dewy look that reminds you of the monsoon season. Apart from him, they have other experts ready to doll you up for the big day!

20-C-1 M.M Alam Road, Pakistan, 54660.

His Address: 1 C, Block P, Gulberg – II, Lahore, Pakistan & Phase 3, Y block DHA at Gloria Jeans building

Maram & Abroo:

This duo of a strong set of skills is also one of the best choices for weddings. They have been working in the field for a fairly long period of time and excel in creating dramatic wedding looks which emphasize on the eyes and lips, two of the ‘power points’ of the bride.

45-L, Gulberg 3, Lahore 44000

Madeeha’s Salon:

Perhaps the choice of the wedding season since time immemorial, people flock to get an appointment at Madeeha’s. The traditional Pakistani bride touch is done wonderfully at Madeeha’s, along with their nice set of services before the wedding day. A must check-out salon.

Where: Sector DD, DHA 4, Lahore.


Massarat Misbah & her daughter are both the grand, royal choices for the big day. However, lately we have heard that she is focusing more on the humanitarian work-side of her business. They still have some great packages and deals to avail, so stop at your nearest Depilex and see their amazing albums yourself!

22-Z, Commercial Area, Phase III, DHA

Allenora Salon:

Allenora is every grandparents first choice, and every mother-in-laws dream to see her daughter-in-law in! A good choice for Walima makeup, Allenora has quite a good reputation over the years for their flawless makeup skills and services.

Where: 86-BII, Gulberg, IIIGulberg، Lahore

Over-priced ALERT:

Although we did go around searching for salons which had amazing makeup and hair pamphlets & pictures shared on social media, we thought they were WAY TOO OVER PRICED & EXPENSIVE. Since when did a one-day makeup session become the price of a diamond-plated wrist watch? However, they do offer some AMAZING makeup services, so if you have the budget and don’t mind spending too much on your wedding, these should be your top choices.

Mariam Khawaja:

Perhaps the most sought after makeup artist at the moment in Lahore & Karachi too, Mariam Khawaja is not a force to be reckoned with. She is owning her MUA status like a boss. However, she is over-priced for the average wedding spender/bride and not alot would want to book her for the big day, for a one-day look. For three days, I guess you’re paying half the price of your Japanese car that you just bought. For those who can afford, there is nothing better than her set of hands on your face!

67 B-1, Gulberg – 3, Lahore

Amina Raja Makeup Studio:

A little expensive for the families who want to spend minimum or average on a Pakistani wedding (considering how many expenses the bride’s side already have), this would be your choice if you opt for a more Arabic makeup. Definitely a choice for those who like their makeup loud!

Place: 71-E-1 Hali Rd, Lahore

Nabila’s Salon:

Nabila is a popular choice for celebrities and award shows all across Pakistan because she mixes and blends so perfectly! We haven’t really seen Nabila brides as yet, but they have an amazing set of services ranging from manicures, pedicures and hair styling, colouring. Grab an appointment with Nabila and see what you can do to fix your hair before the wedding, she is AMAZING!

Zahoor Elahi Rd, Block Q, Gulberg, Lahore, Punjab

Ather Shehzad Studio:

Do we need to say more?! There’s absolutely no introduction needed. From catering to models, ramp shows, International Fashion Weeks & celebrities and what not (seriously!), there is NOTHING Ather Shehzad haven’t vamped up. Get the look, if you have the budget.

Note: The branches mentioned are not the only branches of the salons, we have provided the readers with one of the salon branches in Lahore.