Lahore – The Emporium Mall by Nishat Group is back with their latest venture: The Emporium Circus! The mall is all set to host a four-day event starting 28th April till 1st May throughout the long weekend for Labor Day! They have put together some memorable events like the Punjab Polo Cup, Pakistan Day Celebrations, Ali Azmat and Zoe Viccaji concert, and Pakistan’s largest shopping arena.

They will be setting up carnival inspired snack stalls throughout different sections of the mall for families to enjoy.

Life-size character cut outs along with a very fun gravity booth and a funny mirror room will be available for families to take memorable pictures. The mall has also incorporated a variety of fun activities inspired by the circus and carnival theme of the event with games like Balloon Shots, Ring Toss, Claw Ride amongst others for families to keep their children entertained.

Multiple special performances related to the theme are also under process, the details for which will be revealed much closer to the event. A complete performance lineup will be revealed few days before the event for people to pick and choose the performances they want to attend.