Lahore (Web Desk) – Internationally acclaimed ceramist Sheherezade Alam exhibited the work of her collective at studio 90,which showcased ten aspiring and established ceramists alongside herself on 2nd and 3rd April 2016 from 11 Am -6PM at 90 Upper Mall in Lahore.

Titled, Our Clay Legacy, The Studio 90 Collective as mentored by Sheherezade Alam, presented the work of Amjad Ali Daudpota, Aqsa Khan, Afshan & Nosheen, Faiqa Lone, Ibtisam Saleem, Kalsoom Mehmood, Amna Shariff, Rabia Oneeband Waseema Saleem. The two day open house showcased a range across 150 pieces, from jewellery to masks, bowls, pots and more.

About The Ceramists:

Amjad Ali Daudpota: Kashikar (Traditional Ceramist): Belonging to a family of practicing traditional Kashikari, he found himself developing an interest in the traditional KashiKari, and Revival of traditional Kashikari art work.

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Ibtisam Saleem: In 2011 at Sheherezade Alam’s studio Ibtisam was finally able to explore her intriguing consciousness and passion for clay. The first interaction with clay placed everything into perspective and since then her aim is to reintroduce simple clay products in everyone’s life and promote the innate health benefits of the amazing combination of minerals offered by nature.

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Kalsoom Mehmood: She is a ceramist from Balochiostan who graduated from NCA with a distinction. Her work is inspired from her land. As a daughter of the soil, her intrinsic desire is to connect to her people through clay as her medium of choice; to rediscover and celebrate the beautiful relationship of people with the environment.

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Amna Shariff: After her Master’s degree in Mass Communication in 1988, Amna worked as a journalist both at the desk and as a freelance columnist for eight years. Having had her fill, she moved to a more creative and entrepreneurial endeavor and opened an art and craft gallery called Sim Sim in 1994. Here she introduces new artists giving them space to display their art and it was during this period of six years, 1994 to 2000, that Amna discovered the need for personal expression and started working on designing various artifacts. Amna began a new phase in her life during a short course in jewelry design at the Chelsea & Kensington College in London where she learnt to mould and design precious metals. She found her true love in jewelry and this started her enduring passion for silver.


Rabia Oneeb: Rabia graduated from NCA in 2004 with a Major in Sculpture. Her work was based on creating sculptures that showed movements, balance and visualinterest. Her interest in reed sculpture was inspired by Neolithic artists who built individual parts of their sculptures around a reed skeleton and assembled them. She also had an interest in “The Puppeteers” at NCA which was an extension of her desire to try new venues and to find connections between various aspects of art. Rabia believes that the main purpose of art is to leave a strong and last impression and plans to evolve her work through assuming varied forms in clay. For her, every piece she creates has a metaphorical meaning.

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Waseema Saleem: With a BSC in mathematics and an MBA from Punjab University, Waseema has an enduring passion for art: indeed she first started her career as a graphic designer at a software house. She has been involved in the field of ceramics for the past many years and has had her work displayed her across numerous exhibition such as that of Daachi in recent years.

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Afshan & Nosheen: Afshan and Nosheen are graduates from the Naqsh School of Arts. Their work is amongst the finest in Nakashi and is a testament to their love for the old city of Lahore. Recently they have blended their art of nakashi with clay in jewelry to give ornaments a new perspective

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Faiqa Lone: A practicing fashion designer by profession, Faiqa graduated from PIFD in 1999. Faiqa works primarily to conserve traditional embellishment techniques of the sub-continent. Her mediums of expression vary from clothing, handmade jewellery set in semi-precious stones and ceramics pieces. Drawing her inspiration from nature, music and Sufi poetry, Faiqa likes to experiment with rich textures, free forms, color and photo transfer techniques. Most of her work in ceramics compromises of table wear rendered in one color with applied decoration in the form of glazes and stains. Her ceramics jewellery is crafted in a clean and restrained aesthetic with deeply incised lines and smooth carvings.

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