An Indian production company by the name of ‘Natak’ is making short-films which are bringing to light the ideas and issues that are prevalent in the Indian society.

Many of these problems also exist in our society, as the Indian lifestyle and Pakistani lifestyle is not very different, from a cultural point of view.

Arranged marriages are big in this part of the world, and not being able to meet the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with, before your marriage, is one of the dillemmas of our societies.

Here’s the link to the official short film “Unarranged”:

In the film, the boy comes to the ‘bridal room’, where the bride is waiting for her ‘baraat’, to meet her once before marriage. He has seen a picture of the girl, but he hasn’t seen her in real.

Once he enters, the girl tells him to run off, and pretty much exit his own wedding, to which he disagrees!

They finally end up running off on their own wedding, and chill at some local dhaba, further deciding what they’re going to do later.

The boy’s past is clean as a slate, whereas the girl has had four boyfriends.

All in good humour, once they’re back to the wedding to decide what they’re going to do, the girl starts to like the guy and they discover that it might not be that bad, after all!

Positivism screams out from the depths of this short film, however many of us are still skeptical about the whole idea of an arranged marriage.

Not every arranged marriage goes smoothly, and not every love marriage is successful. Society still has a long way to go though, till they start understanding that it is important, in both cases, for the bride and groom to have met & known each other before marriage.

In Pakistani society, the age factor is a pressure on the girl & many are forced to get married before a specific age, so they still can still reproduce healthily & have ‘youth’ in their bodies & on their faces, which is clearly unfair and insulting to the female population because a man could be twice her age and it’s totally okay for him to get married at any age he likes. 

What society needs to highlight through short films is the fact that education & independence are important for females to decide their own destiny, and choose their life partners with utmost care, because marriage is a decision that stays forever.

Even though some families think it is completely normally to not let the boy/girl meet or talk before the wedding, till the wedding, it seems completely fine to talk & connect once or twice before coming to a decision. 

We need more people like ‘Natak’ productions to highlight society issues in a fun & informative way, without hurting anyone’s sentiments.

A brilliant short-film, deserving much acclaim!


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