Pakistan’s ever-dapper star, Mikaal Zulfiqar, was never one for controversy, but just recently he has been caught by the paparazzi’s eye over accounts of his recent and controversial divorce with wife Sara after a long separation.

On his recent appearance at the HSY show, we couldn’t help but take note of a few controversial comments the actor and model happened to make about two leading Pakistani divas. This certainly didn’t go well for the two’s fans and followers!

On now. whose watching?

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The Sang-e-Marmar actor was given a round of few questions to answer on various actresses in the showbiz industry and this is what he had to say about Urwa Hocane when was asked by HSY to fill in the blanks with a name of an actress:

_______ ki shakal barri achi hai leking usko apna mu band rakhna chahiay. [____ is pretty but should keep her mouth shut!]

After taking Urwa’s name in his answer, he admitted to having a huge backlash come his way through social media for sure!

He did not stop here, but went on to publicly roast Ayesha Khan as well calling her an ‘extra’ instead of a ‘star’. He chose actress and host Sanam Baloch as the star opposite Hareem Farooq as the villain while putting on the sidelines Mann Mayal starlet, Ayesha Khan.

How mean Mikaal. You should hope the stars don’t turn their luck against you!