Nothing is more important than comfort when it comes to travelling. You don’t want to experiment with your clothing, especially when you are on the go. A lot has been written on what and how to pack for travel, however, the question of what to exactly wear while travelling still remains unanswered.

Dressing up for your voyage can be a bit tricky and might require a bit of extra thought and effort. In order to ensure a comfortable journey, refer to the following dressing guidelines compiled by Pakistan’s largest hotel booking website,

1. Jeans

There is no outfit as comfortable or trendy as jeans. Jeans are long lasting, comfortable and perfect for a long and challenging journey. No one looks under-dressed in a pair of trendy jeans and they even go with the business casual look if you have to be off for a business meeting as soon as you land.

2. Sunglasses

Easy to carry and classy to wear, sunglasses offer a perfect solution to cover your eyes when falling asleep or add an elegant accessory to your post travel look!

3. Cross Body Hand Bag

Most people prefer to carry a backpack over a shoulder bag as a personal item while travelling. However, due to security concerns it is always advisable to carry a cross body handbag to ensure all your important travel documents and accessories are well within your sight.

4. Slip on shoes with socks

Save yourself from the hassles of tying and untying shoe laces every time you have to go through airport check-in lines. Wear slip-on shoes with a comfortable pair of socks and be kind on your toes.

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