A Bumpy Road to the US Elections: Trump and Hilary face-off likely

As the 58th presidential elections come ever closer, the see-saw battle of the US nomination for the presidential candidate race is heating up. With the game of thrones continuing in Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan and hundred of innocent perishing in the quest for power, the world longs for a leader that can lead through these turbulent times. Putin and Trump already exchanging pleasantries, republicans trashing the Iran Deal, democrats opposing the Syrian regime, the main players already seem to have taken sides. Moreover, with the refugee crises set to worsen and a general slump in the world economy, the role of upcoming US President becomes ever more important whenever he/she takes the office.

With the political players going head to head in debates in key states the general trend of public opinion shows a clear affinity toward their preferred candidate. Widely considered as an outsider in the political arena a mere 6 months ago, Trump has defied all pundits and is now leading the polls for the republican’s nomination. His knack for staying in the news with his extreme and often obnoxious narrative such as the 21 billion dollar wall against the Mexican border to banning Muslims from entering the US, Trump has stumped his opponents who seem to be in disarray and are running for cover.

As Jeb Bush bids farewell to the candidacy and the over enthusiastic Ted Cruz, with his inconsistent immigration policies coupled with the absurd economic rhetoric of Marco Rubio, both struggling in poll numbers; it seems like easy sailing for Mr. Trump at least for now. With victories in New Hampshire and South Carolina, history seems to be on Trumps side as no republican candidate has ever lost the nomination after winning these states.

On the other hand, there seem to be saner heads, at least on paper, in democratic circles as Hilary and Sanders battle out for the nomination. Bernie Sanders increasing wave of popularity amongst youth can be compared with Imran Khan’s early days. His anti-establishment and Wall Street stance seem to strike a chord with the young voters. However like Mr. Khan, Sanders might well be the best president that the US will never have as he is pinned against a seasoned campaigner Hilary Clinton who seems in no mood to give any concessions as she has been down this road before and has enough political acumen to edge out sanders for the final cut.

More than a dozen states are scheduled to hold primaries on Super Tuesday, and Trump’s thumping double-digit win in Nevada, the writing may well be on the wall for other candidates as Trump’s odd of winning the nomination soared to 68 % according to the ‘CNN political prediction market.’ A strong performance on Tuesday in the southern swath of states by Clinton and Trump could help them clinch the nomination by mid March.

Rameez Mela

Rameez Mela

Author is an avid follower of International relations and politics. He has a master’s degree from Kiev and Shanghai and is currently based in the UAE. You can reach him at Rameezmela@gmail.com