While weddings are that time of the year when perfectly choreographed dances matter to each and every participant on the dance floor, there are some things which are an invasion of privacy, like people filming the dances of young girls and then later putting them onto YouTube.

One of the videos uploaded to Youtube:

In Pakistan, this privacy matter is not being catered to so much, and people are still subject to this invasion of privacy on weddings that are of their close friends, relatives and even their own siblings. Many girls aren’t even allowed to have fun/dance at weddings any more because they are afraid of being filmed, and their families are not comfortable with that.

This one featured four girls on stage at a Mehendi:

There are more than 200 videos available online of young girls dancing at Pakistani weddings, many of whom we know, or have heard of. Most girls have not even given consent to the publishing of these videos online, but they have no clue who is doing it, as everyone has access to the internet these days, and everyone has a cellular phone to record videos on spot.

Here’s Another:

There are various people on shaadis recording your dances, your every move on weddings. Even the official photographers and videographers you hire are later watching these dances.

Here’s Another:

The question is: we criticize the media and our entertainment industry for girls dancing in front of random men and thinking of it as nothing, then why don’t we realize that we are doing the EXACT same on weddings?

Having fun at weddings is not a crime, however doing inappropriate movements in dances and wearing inappropriate clothes for public gatherings will definitely get you featured online. Be safe, girls!