Lahore protested against killing stray dogs

On 18th of March at 2:00 pm some folks gathered at Liberty roundabout in Lahore to protest against the killing of stray dogs.

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Protesters in Lahore for Animal Rights

Hosted by different animal rescue workers, groups, NGO’s and the common man the protest was attended by people from all walks and strata’s of life united to put some truth out there.

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Protesters for Animal Rights in Lahore 2017

Due to a stray VIP that certain routes were blocked and the protest was shifted to Hussain Chowk area.

The event page of the protest hosted many people and celebrity endorsement of the cause was also seen in the form of celebrity videos vouching for the cause. Celebrities such as Hamza Ali Abbasi, Ushna Shah, Nauman Riaz sent in videos on the invite page to support the participants.

Stray dog killing is a phenomenon that is not indigenous but is prevalent all -round the globe. People supporting this act present argumentation that states how strays make the streets unsafe, unhygienic and how this might pose a threat for pedestrians. Locally, dogs are often considered  unclean animals due to Islamic influence in Pakistan.

What is the practical benefit of taking away the lives of fault-less animals? Nill. Killing the animal doesn’t solve the problem because there will be more dogs who’ll simple replace the previous dog and whatever issues you had with the first one will pass over,  so there aren’t sturdy enough reasons to necessitate murder.

Then there are people who take a moral stance on the matter and claim that it is in the benefit of these diseased, famished animals that taking their lives acts as a certain euthanasia. One could use the same argumentation against homeless people, or kids around one’s corner.

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Poster image taken from event page

Dogs are never malicious by nature, and are usually acting out due to ill treatment, hunger, disease or trauma.

The only way to reduce the number of stray dogs on the streets is to find them homes. These innocuous dogs are contrary to popular belief not very different from pure breeds and they take the brunt of undue bias. I am myself the owner of two beautiful stray dogs that I rescued and they live very happily with me. Every time one of my dogs has squealed it has been enough to send me into a panic mode of investigating why the animal is under distress. I, for one, cannot fathom taking away the life of a living breathing thing may it be any form. It must take a certain degree of disgust and hate for someone to perform such killing so callously.

The government should make the killing of stray innocent dogs illegal and a fine should be imposed on all who are found doing so or propagating so.

I ,also strongly believe that opinions are futile when void of action but it is pertinent to raise our voices and to let them be heard.

It is time to show some compassion for the living beings without a voice. Love to all dog owners and everybody who was part of the protest.