KARACHI (Web Desk) -The American teacher of Karachi American school who molested more than fifty students over a period of many years and was silently sent home to United States has finally committed suicide there.

Jerry Surarez, who was caught red handed and terminated for molesting children, according to some reports, has committed suicide in US.

Moreover, the authorities had been trying their level best to keep a cover on it as they wanted him shipped to America before law enforcement agencies would have caught him.

Their first loyalty should have been to children and their parents however, they had the children molested regularly over a period of many years and shamelessly covered it up.

On August 31 this year, Baaghi TV broke the news and shared it as it wanted to keep some self esteem of Pakistan and wanted to raise their voice to higher authorities so that justice must be assured for those affected children and their parents.

Baaghi TV also emphasized that he must had been tried here in Pakistan as he sexually abused Pakistani children and the families should be compensated by the school in some way as this went on for years under their eyes and ears.

Many complaints were surfaced in the past too however, were trashed aside. There were complaints being added regarding Karachi American schools and its curriculum and drama activities as parents were alarmed about the kind of stories that went in there.

Baaghi TV also reported that the school campus had been rampant with drugs cigarette smoking and all kinds of activities that children must be kept away from. In the guise of liberal education, the children and parents were being misled.

Police remained silent as no one had formally filed a criminal complaint and chances were if such a complaint had been filed, he would be taken away under some cover.

It was also reported that he was to be shipped in two days after he was caught red handed. His name must had been put on the ECL on the same day however, it couldn’t occur. The school had fired the teacher.

Baaghi TV highlighted as Pakistan never wanted another Raymond Davis by letting those American teacher run out again.

Baaghi TV received many threatening messages after breaking the news. Some people with fake accounts of social media, who called themselves as the students of those schools, sent hatred messages and rejected the allegations. However, the point is, if the American Teacher, who is dead now, was innocent then why he ran away and didn’t face the allegations?

Courtesy: Baghi TV