KARACHI – Axact, the IT company facing fake degrees business allegations, has announced to pay 15-month salaries to all of its employees, introducing a new “Pehle Se Bhi Ziada” policy.

In a public message, Axact CEO Shoaib Sheikh said his company has prevailed as winner after the 15 months of atrocities and injustice. However, the Axact is now something more than it was before, he added.

“The resilience & determination Axactians displayed during this turmoil has been exemplary…with the relentless efforts and prayers of all the Axactians…the darkness of malice has been dispelled,” he went on to say.

He thanked all of his employees for standing by his stance in the cases against him and the other corporate sector firms which supported his company employees during the last year.

The announcement, however, did not clearly mentioned, if the employees of Axact’s BOL TV will also receive the salaries or not.

Here is the full text of Shoaib Sheikh’s message:

All the Axactians, their Families, Stakeholders & Well-wishers of Axact/Pakistan,

By the grace of Almighty Allah, Haq has finally prevailed over Baatil, after a challenging struggle. The 15 month long period of atrocities & injustice, which was the consequence of the tragic Saniha-e-Axact, has evidently come to an end.

Help and Victory from Allah is imminent!

The resilience & determination Axactians displayed during this turmoil has been exemplary and is worthy of great appreciation. With the relentless efforts and prayers of all the Axactians, their families, our stakeholders and all our well-wishers, the darkness of malice has been dispelled by the dawn of truth and we are now stepping forward towards our destination, stronger than ever!

Furthermore, we would like to thank the entire corporate sector, especially the IT companies, who harbored all the distressed Axactians after the Saniha-e-Axact.

Adhering to our mission of Winning & Caring – We are announcing that all the Axactians of Pakistan (Officers and Staff) would get their salaries from May 2015 till date, which includes the entire period during which Axact was illegally closed, only in Pakistan. Similarly all the respected Vendors & Associates of Axact Pakistan, who have displayed patience & trust throughout this tenure, will be paid in full, for their outstanding amounts with interest till date.

We would like to assure all Pakistanis; especially Axactians, their families, stakeholders and well-wishers of Axact/Pakistan that now everything is Pehle se bhi ziada!

Pehle se bhi ziadaSalaries,
Pehle se bhi ziadaBenefits,
Pehle se bhi ziadaFacilities,
Pehle se bhi ziadaEmployment,
Pehle se bhi ziadaSales,
Pehle se bhi ziadaBusiness,
Pehle se bhi ziadaIT Exports,
Pehle se bhi ziadaProducts,
Pehle se bhi ziadaCompetition,
& Most Importantly,

Pehle se bhi ziada Determination towards achieving our vision of a Positive & Prosperous Pakistan.


Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh

Chairman & CEO, Axact