KARACHI- An arrested culprit of Baldia Town incident, Yousaf alias Gadha Gari made startling revelations stating that sector incharge, Asghar Baig was also involved in the horrific incident that claimed many lives.

Yousaf, a close aide to Rehman Bhola, a main suspect of the incident, was arrested two days ago.


He said that he had received his information from Asghar Baig’s brother who was a manager in the factory, as well as his nephew who was also working there.

He revealed that Asghar Baig had been involved in retrieving the dead bodies from the burnt factory for three days.

During interrogation, he also confessed that he had been involved in killing 16 people in collaboration with Rehman Bhola and others. He further admitted that he had killed five workers of Awami National Party (ANP) at the instructions of Asghar Baig.