HYDERABAD- In a tragic turn of events,  a baby girl lost her life apparently due to sheer negligence of her parents as they refused to give permission for mechanical ventilator.

A video posted on social media by Dr Usman suggested that a baby was brought in a serious condition to his hospital and despite consistent efforts by the doctor, the health of baby continued to deteriorate.

The oxygen saturation level of the baby plummeted following which the doctor contacted the attendant to inform him that the baby needed to be shifted to a hospital with ventilator facility as his own hospital was lacking the facility.

However, despite continuous efforts, the attendant failed to show up at the hospital and apparently, due to the same negligence the baby could not be shifted to hospital and lost her life.

According to reports, the parents wanted to have a boy and they were callously careless about their baby who was a girl.

The furious doctor slammed the critics who blame hospital staff for any sort of mishandling without taking into account, the ignorance and failure committed by parents with special reference to the particular case.