ISLAMABAD (Online) – Chairman Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has lashed out a federal and Punjab governments for ‘failing to implement the National Action Plan in its true spirit’.

While addressing the Lahore High Court Bar Association here on Monday, Bilawal said that banned organizations were operating with changed names across Punjab while the federal and provincial governments have turned a deaf ear to their activities.

While expressing astonishment over the statement of Defense Minister Khawaja Asif in which he had said that Taliban will be asked not to damage the TAPI gas pipeline project, he asked, “Is this the policy of the government to fight terrorism?.

While terming the NAP N-League action plan, he said that the Punjab government has failed to take action against banned organizations as according to him, the ruling party’s agenda was being implemented instead of the NAP through selective and half-hearted operations.

The PPP chairman said that the martyrs of the Army Public School Peshawar united the nation but the government miserably failed to capitalize on it.

He alleged that chief minister Punjab had been asking for opening Taliban office in Peshawar while pleading them not to carry out terrorist activities in Punjab. He said that the PPP government had approved a law banning resurfacing of banned outfits, however, the current government has totally ignored the law and they were operating freely.

He said that not a single meeting of NECTA could be convened for the last one year, despite the fact that its quarterly meeting was a must to get appraisal of the performance of the organisation. Bilawal also said that after Afghan war, the West abandoned jihadi organizations while we honored and accepted them as our assets only to get destruction.

Bilawal also said that the PPP government had floated the idea that judges should be appointed on the suggestions of the Judicial Commission and the chief justice so that competent judges could be hired instead of favourites. The suggestion went down the drain.