LAHORE – Muslims around the globe are observing the Holy Month of Ramazan with reverence, however, many of them have a query in their minds that can a Person undergo blood transfusion during fasting?

According to religious scholar Dr Zakir Naik, the blood transfusion comes under the same category as getting some nourishment, so it breaks fast.

“When the blood transferred into the body that is considered as something nourishment (food) because the food that we eat it enters the stomach goes into the bloodstream and that’s what makes up the blood,” added Zakir.

Similarly, if you put any food via the rise tube into the stomach or inject anything which is in the form of nourishment, it breaks the fast; even kidney dialyzes too breaks the fast, according to the Peace Tv scholar.

The televangelist, however, contended that taking any injection whether intravenous whether intramuscular or subcutaneous if it does not contain nourishment and it is only for medicinal purpose then that does not invalidate the fast.