RAWALPINDI – A customs court on Tuesday issued arrest warrants of model Ayyan Ali, allegedly involved in smuggling of currency, for not attending the court hearings.

The court, while hearing the case, expressed anger over the fact that the model did not appear in court, and asked her counsel why his client did not attend the hearing.

The counsel responded that her mother was ill and submitted an application seeking exemption from attending the hearing.

Despite several notices, the accused did not appear before the court, the judge said, adding that the culprit went abroad without permission.

The court issuing the warrants directed the authorities to ensure the presence of Ayyan before the court on June 21, adding that a strict decision will be made on not following the directions.

Ayyan was arrested on March 14, 2015 from the Islamabad airport following the recovery of $506,000 from her luggage while she was going to Dubai.