LAHORE (Staff Report) – Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has called for formulation and implementation of a ‘Charter of Economy’ to develop Pakistan speedily at all levels.

Speaking at a function in Lahore, he underscored the need to separate politics from economic affairs of country.

Ishaq Dar made it clear that Voluntary Tax Compliance Scheme is not aimed in any way at allowing people to whiten their black money or wealth, but to facilitate the non-filers.

He said one-month extension in the deadline of the scheme will prove beneficial for non-filers, the business people, and also for tax revenue generation.

To a question, Ishaq Dar said the government has succeeded to convince the opposition parties and remove their reservations over the PIA issue. He said PIA amendment bill will be passed in joint session of parliament on April 11.

To another question, the Minister said Pakistan has made the liquefied natural gas import deal with Qatar at a very low price, and it will be contributing a lot in catering to the country’s energy needs.