First and youngest American woman to visit every nation ranks Pakistan 5th best country in the world

  • Cassanda De Pecol, 27, is the first and fastest documented woman to travel to every sovereign nation
  • She travelled to 196 countries in record time of 18 months and 26 days
  • De Pecol especially appreciated Pakistan, because she had to wait four months for her visa approval

ISLAMABAD – An American woman, who has just broken the world record of being the youngest woman (27) to travel all the 196 sovereign states in record time (18 months 26 days), ranks Pakistan as the fifth best country in the world to visit.

Cassandra De Pecol is the first and fastest documented woman to travel to every sovereign nation.

Beginning when Cassie was 23 on the Pacific island of Palau in July 2015, the trip lasted 18 months and 26 days – half the time of the previous Guinness World Record.

Her journey, Expedition196, was almost entirely funded by sponsorship, has been an installation in sustainability and ethical eco-friendly tourism.

The traveler has now published a list of her favourite destinations. In her list, she has also reflected on what makes these countries special.

Talking about Pakistan, she said that one must visit it “to get a true sense of raw, authentic Asian culture, and for the food”.

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While in Pakistan, she also visited various universities. She met with students and discussed ideas about how to boost tourism in Pakistan as well.

She emphasised on the need to preserve and regenerate our environment, leading to a more sustainable way of life.

Here are some of the educational institutions she visited as part of her tour to Pakistan:

Cassandra’s List of Top 10 Countries


1. Mongolia

To be immersed in the remote wilderness and to ride the wild horses.


2. Bhutan

To learn the ethics of peaceful living.


3. Maldives

To see some of the bluest water, whitest sand and most stunning sand banks in the world.


4. Vanuatu, South Pacific

To experience the process of how Kava is made and to meet some of the kindest people.


5. Pakistan

To get a true sense of raw, authentic Asian culture, and for the food.


6. Oman

To immerse yourself in the desert and mountains, while learning from locals who live in the mountains, it’s a whole different lifestyle.


7. Tunisia

To experience northern African culture with a Middle Eastern feel and an immense amount of archaeological history.


8. Peru

The Amazon rainforest and Aguas Calientes [gateway to Machu Picchu].

9. Costa Rica

Monkeys, fresh fruit, good music, and volcanoes…need I say more?


10. United States

Fall in New England is something everyone should experience.