LAHORE – The interior ministry will issue a new notification this week about the Dawn Leaks controversy to clear the confusion between civil-military institutions, said Rana Sanaullah on Monday.

According to the provincial law minister, apart from the notification, ‘operative part’ of the recommendations of an inquiry committee formed after the story ‘Act against militants or face diplomatic isolation’ would also be made public.

Rana Sanaullah expressed that there would be no confusion after the new notification that would put to rest speculations regarding the fraught relations between civil and military corridors.

PM Nawaz sacks Tariq Fatemi from his post over Dawn Leaks controversy

“Therefore, after the notification, those predicting a ‘serious rift’ between the government and military will face disappointment.” said the minister.

The legislator claimed that the government was enjoying exemplary relations with the army, quoting operation Radd Ul Fassad in which the armed forces were targeting militants, in synchronisation with policies of the civialian government.

Earlier, on Sunday, the lawmaker said that institutions do not communicate with one another through tweets. He further said that tweets cause complications.

He went further and noted that if the tweet by DG ISPR was posted as a result of misunderstanding then that was understandable.

“However, if there was ill intention behind it, then action should be taken against it,” he added.

PFUJ rejects government direction to APNS against Dawn

It is relevant to mention that on Saturday, the Director General ISPR rejected a notification issued by the prime minister regarding Dawn Leaks.

Through a Tweet, major General Asif Ghafoor clarified that the notification was not in line with recommendations by the Inquiry Board and so it was rejected.

The tweet stirred hullabaloo on electronic media and political analysts opined that the ‘rejection’ could trumpet the arrival of tough days for the already embattled PML-N government. However, with the new notification, it is believed that the working relationship between both institutions would be normalised.