Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal forms high-level committee to investigate attack on Ahmad Noorani

  • The committee has been directed to furnish a report in three days

ISLAMABAD – Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal has formed a committee comprising of Chief Commissioner and Inspector General Police Islamabad to investigate the incident of attack on journalist Ahmed Noorani by unknown assailants.

A statement issued by the Interior Ministry said the committee has been directed to prepare investigative report within three days.

Ahmad Noorani, linked to ‘The News’ group was attacked by six men on Friday when he was heading to Islamabad from Rawalpindi.

A total of six unidentified men got down from their motorcycles and tortured Noorani and his driver with iron rods after taking out the keys from the ignition switch.

‘The News’ journalist Ahmad Noorani beaten up in Islamabad

The attackers sped away after onlookers started gathering at the site and traffic started coming to a halt on the busy intersection,

The incident stirred uproar among the journalistic community who termed it a bid to curtail freedom of speech demanding a fair inquiry into the matter.

Ahmed Noorani, who has been critical of the state policies regarding foreign affairs and civil-military imbalance, disabled his account on microblogging site Twitter, mysteriously on October 19.