ISLAMABAD – Depicting Indian atrocities being meted out to the innocent people of occupied Kashmir, Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) released a song ‘Kab khatam ho gi Kashmir teri barbadi, India ja Kashmir se nikl ja’ in accordance with Kashmir Solidarity Day.

Director General (DG) ISPR Major Gen Asif Ghafoor, in a tweet, said February 5 is the day to express solidarity with the people of Kashmir. Atrocities in Held Kashmir must stop.

The song was released hours ahead of Kashmir Day, which is observed in Pakistan in support of the right of self-determination for the people of occupied Kashmir.

The ISPR paid a rich tribute to the youth of occupied Kashmir and their struggle in the song titled “Sangbaaz”(stone pelters). The song is picturised using actual footage from inside occupied Kashmir.

The song starts with the popular chant of “We will take our freedom, from India we will take our freedom”, which is frequently heard in protests in the region.

“O Kashmir, your beauty depicts your pain, there are tears in your eyes and chains around your feet,” are the starting lyrics of the song.

“You can pluck out my eyes but can never snatch my dreams,” is the punch line of the song.