Man who publicly masturbated on Karachi roads still at large

  • Police say they are hunting for the 'criminal'

KARACHI – Police in Pakistan’s biggest city have failed to arrest a youngster carrying out highly indecent actions in public during the holy month of Ramazan on Wednesday.

A pair of women, both sisters, who brought forward the gut-wrenching incident on social media recounted the horror of a man publicly masturbating in front of them while traveling in a car on Khyaban-e-Shujaat, DHA, Phase 8, in Karachi.

One of the women, not to be identified, stated in a Facebook post that they were traveling back to her home when the incident took place.

Man ‘masturbates’ in front of girls in Karachi Defense area

However, the law enforcers have still been hunting for the suspect. Police in Karachi say they were trying to trace the man with the help of his car’s registration number.

This not the first incident of its kind where a man flashed his private parts publicly.

This girl’s story about a man flashing and sexually harassing teenagers is absolutely horrific

Last month in Lahore, a Facebook user shared her experience of confronting a bike riding man who flashed his penis in front of university girls while masturbating near Barkat Market, Garden Town.

The man, who is yet to be identified, is still at large.