LAHORE – Railways Minister and Pakistan Muslim League-N central leader Khawaja Saad Rafique has said credit of continuity of democratic system goes to all those political parties who struggled for democracy.

Addressing an Eid-Millan party organised by the PML-N workers in his constituency here on Sunday, he said PML-N does not believe in politics of hatred and revenge.

He said, “Panama Papers have no legal value. Only in Pakistan these documents were taken seriously, where an elected prime minister and his family were dragged into cases”.

The minister said Charter of Democracy was signed to bury the negative politics, however, certain elements are trying to revive the politics of hatred.

He also came down hard on TV talk show hosts, saying some ‘journalists’ were biased in their coverage of the government while those who stand with democracy are dubbed traitors.

He said government inherited worst challenges when it came into power in 2013 but Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif successfully cope with all crises and restored people’s confidence.

Khawaja Saad Rafique also criticised the recent inclusion of ‘turncoats’ in the PTI, Awami Muslim League Chief Sheikh Rasheed and without naming the former PML-N member, who is set to join the Imran Khan’s party.

The PML-N leader further explained that his Saturday’s remarks “warning the opposition not to derail democracy” were his own ‘personal political views and had nothing to do with the PML-N’s party policy.

Saad said international financial journals and institutions are now acknowledging economic growth in Pakistan. He said the country has been put o the path of progress and prosperity.