Seminary student rapes, kills 8-year-old fellow in Faisalabad

  • Police have arrested 16-year-old Rizwan studied at a seminary

FAISALABAD – An eight-year-old boy was raped and then killed in Faisalabad allegedly by a teenage student of a seminary here the other day.

According to local media, Rizwan, 16, raped the child identified as Ramazan, who also studied at the same seminary in Ali Garden area, and then killed him by pushing him down the roof. Locals had found his body two days ago near the seminary.

Police have arrested the suspect who has confessed to raping the kid anally before killing him. He has admitted killing another fellow student named Noor Agha, 9-year-old, eight months back.

Police said Ramazan fainted after getting raped by the senior student, who later killed him due to fear of being arrested.