Siraj ul Haq urges NA-120 constituents to avenge ‘martyrdom’ of Mumtaz Qadri

  • Nawaz Sharif facing Allah's wrath, should confess and tender apology: JI Chief
  • 436 individuals named in Panama Papers should also be held accountable: Siraj ul Haq

LAHORE – Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) chief Sirajul Haq alleged on Thursday that former premier Nawaz Sharif was involved in the ‘martyrdom’ of Mumtaz Qadri, urging constituents of NA-120 to vote against the ruling party as revenge.

Addressing a rally organised in National Assembly constituency 120 where by-elections are scheduled for September 17, he stated that Nawaz Sharif was facing Allah’s wrath due to his role in Mumtaz Qadri’s hanging and handing over Dr. Afia Siddiqui to US.

Siraj maintained that the former premier should confess his wrongdoings and seek forgiveness from Allah and masses.

The JI chief expressed his regrets that Sharif family was ruling the Punjab province from three decades but still it was ‘begging for vote’.

‘We are fighting against agents of international establishment and Yazeedi forces’ said JI chief and added that the masses would vote for an honest, upright candidate.

The legislator vowed to establish state-of the art hospitals in the country after assuming power so ‘no member of Sharif family would need to visit London or New York for treatment’.

He took aim at the ruling party for pitching the wife of the former premier as a candidate in NA-120 and not giving such opportunity to any poor worker of the party.

‘If your palatial houses are established from ill-gotten money, go and tell it before the apex court,’ Siraj noted.

He mused it was strange that Sharif family was a billionaire but the courts had no clue about his sources of income.

The lawmaker urged the commoners to cast vote against corruption in a bid to transform Pakistan into an Islamic Welfare state.

Earlier, talking to newsmen outside the top court, the JI supremo said that the 436 individuals who were named in Panama Leaks should also be held accountable.

“All those should be held accountable who made money here and transferred it overseas,” he said, adding that corruption was financial terrorism which should be confronted collectively.

He also suggested taking back powers of premier and opposition leader to appoint the head of National Accountability Bureau.

“Instead, the NAB chairman should be decided jointly by the chief justices of the Supreme Court and the four high courts of the country,” he proposed and clarified that his party would not suggest any names for appointment of next graft buster’s head.

It is relevant to mention that the current head of accountability watchdog, Qamar Zaman would be completing his term next month.